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Picture of people happy about their better building control systems

Why Building Control Systems are the Best Things Since Sliced Bread

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a crystal ball that could tell you when equipment needs to be serviced, when equipment is . . .
7 Energy management Tips

7 Myths About Energy Management Systems Everyone Thinks are True

It’s difficult at times to distinguish between what’s fact and fiction with all the noise going on in energy management. Let . . .
Weighing Benefits of EMS

Retrofit EMS Part 5: Documentation

Organizations take on EMS projects for many different reasons. Maybe you want to reduce your annual energy spend . . .
Embarking on Energy Program

Retrofit EMS Part 4: Communication and Transparency

Regardless of how well we plan the overall project, gather site specific information or how good our methodology is for . . .
Reviewing Energy Savings

Retrofit EMS Part 3: Standardizing the Variables

In the previous segment of this series, we explored the importance of capturing the unique attributes for each location . . .
Energy Management

Retrofit EMS Part 2: The Current State

Retrofit EMS controls projects can be challenging – and the task of implementing EMS controls across multiple location . . .
Retrofit EMS

Retrofit EMS Part 1: Embarking on an EMS Roll-Out Project

What is a retrofit EMS roll-out project? Typically, we define a roll-out project as a group of individual projects an . . .
Building Control Monitoring

Installing Building Controls Can Maximize Cost Savings

Energy Management Systems – Building Automation Systems – Building Controls Systems – What is the difference and . . .
lighting controls save energy

Little Things Add Up When It Comes To Energy Savings

Best practices indicate that some of the smallest energy savings strategies and efforts can make a big impact. Here . . .
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