Building Commissioning

Is your high tech equipment investment becoming a staggering maintenance expense?

BOMA cost data research shows commissioned buildings achieve energy savings up to 50% with a 35% reduction in maintenance costs compared to non-commissioned buildings.
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Whole Building Commissioning Experts

We understand how building systems work and the associated effects change recommendations place on any individual item as well as the operation as a whole.

A few benefits of professional Building Commissioning services include lower utility bills, optimized equipment, streamlined operations and maintenance as well as extended equipment life.

Building Commissioning involves analyzing, documenting and testing the mechanical and electrical systems found in buildings to improve performance and maintenance tasks.  It is a quality-focused, rigorous process that ensures all systems continue functioning properly, as intended, while improving the building as a whole.

There are many types of Building Commissioning services, so it is vital to align your unique project goals to the business.  The Building Commissioning services offered by R3RD include:

Commissioning for New Buildings

Who is ensuring the overall quality, efficiency and completeness of your new building construction endeavor to ensure the facility is future-proofed to enable your long-term success?

For many organizations, the challenge of managing the many vendors, tasks and initiatives involved in Building Commissioning can be overwhelming, and extremely costly.  As experts in all areas of Whole Building Commissioning, R3 Retail Development alleviates this challenge for clients by managing the entire process while providing real-time project information within a web-based system that is fully documented and tracked. Some of the many commissioning services for new buildings we offer include, but are not limited to:

Will will verify and/or improve operations to ensure specified operational parameters are being met for building systems equipment.

Job Completeness
We will also verify job completeness to ensure specified work per drawings and specifications is completed by responsible subcontractors prior to sign-off by the customer.

Energy Efficiency
We will help you command your energy spend by reviewing and tuning all building systems to ensure maximum energy efficiency.

R3RD Field technicians perform complete system commissioning on the refrigeration, lighting and HVAC systems per commissioning plans, instructions and documentation. All commissioning activities, tests, and issues are collected in real-time utilizing cloud based commissioning software. See below for some of the critical items in each discipline:


Alarming: We will thoroughly review alarming parameters and operations, then prepare system for a customized monitoring program.

Energy Efficiency: We will fine-tune refrigeration system operation in conjunction with refrigeration contractors for premium energy efficiency while meeting operational requirements.


Dehumidification: For stores in high humidity regions, we will fine-tune dehumidification parameters to ensure optimal performance.

Air Curtains: We will optimize performance of air curtains to control infiltration of non-conditioned air into the space.


Dimming Controls: For stores where dimming is required, we will create and implement custom dimming profile(s) with operations to meet lighting needs during stocking and non-sales hours where personnel are working in the store.


We will fine tune store-specific systems such as hot water boilers, cooling towers, heat reclaim air handlers, and much more.

Continuous Commissioning

Continuous commissioning is a great way to ensure you are maximizing the energy efficiency and comfort of your building, while also improving maintenance processes and extending the life of each component

Over the last several decades, building technologies have achieved revolutionary advancements. Many systems have drastically decreased power requirements, variable air volume systems have become quite common, and automation systems with digital controls have provided tremendous reason to replace prior pneumatic models.

Advances in HVAC technology have also afforded the opportunity to configure building comfort settings on a zonal basis, among many other upgrades, decreasing energy consumption while intelligently improving the environment for humans and machines alike.

Continuous commissioning has emerged as the preferred method to ensure each of these systems are installed, configured and maintained properly to maximize the enormous capital investment of buildings, components and personnel.

With so many cost-saving advantages waiting to be discovered in your building, you can’t afford to wait. Contact the continuous commissioning experts of R3 Retail Development today to put our countless years of collective knowledge to work for your organization.


Have you ever wondered how to get started improving the performance and efficiency of your existing building, while also reducing costs?

Retro-commissioning is a process that drastically improves many flavors of building efficiency including energy consumption, equipment, systems, operational processes and maintenance procedures.

When it comes to retro-commissioning for existing buildings, the real experts are the ones who are able to achieve these significant cost savings on a realistic timeline and at a minimal cost to building owners.

Often, retro-commissioning efforts are able to discover and resolve problems that were created as overlooked items during the original design or construction phases of the initial building project. Additionally, these endeavors solve issues that arise as buildings and equipment age, or when the operational purpose and occupancy of a building changes for any number of reasons.

Some of the tasks involved in retro-commissioning duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Reviewing, replacing, and calibrating existing equipment and systems
  • Eliminating systems that may be improperly, simultaneously heating and cooling
  • Ensuring belts and valves are functioning properly
  • Calibrating thermostats and sensors
  • Optimizing air balancing systems
  • Optimizing economizers
  • Calibrating building controls sequences
  • Calibrating variable-frequency drives (VFDs)

The list goes on and on with many organizations simply choosing to ignore these cost-savings opportunities because they simply do not know where to begin. Improve profitability and gain a competitive advantage by refusing to leave these savings behind. Contact the retro-building commissioning experts of R3 Retail Development today.


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