Energy Rebates and Incentives Procurement


We constantly review energy rebate and incentives opportunities to take advantage of those for you as part of our scope of work.
Energy Rebate


In a 2016 retrofit project serving 36 locations, we discovered 26 sites were eligible for a rebate that when combined with energy reductions resulted in $200,000 savings in the first year alone. In total, first year energy savings for 36 sites weighed-in at a staggering 1.1 million kwh.

Your local utility likely offers financial support for new construction or retrofit projects that reduce your building’s electricity and natural gas usage. While many competitors may claim to support you in accessing these funds, there is usually a wide gap between your expectations and the reality.

R3 provides true end to end support for energy efficiency rebates. We design the project from the start with potential incentives in mind so you don’t end up with missed rebate opportunities or expensive, last-minute change orders. As experts in the field, we are constantly aware of changes in energy incentives. We provide and submit the documentation and paperwork required to capture the rebate or incentive on your behalf. Surprisingly, this is a service that most of our competition does not perform as part of their scope of work. They would pass you off to another company or department creating an entirely separate project and unnecessary work for all involved.

As part of these services, we prepare a detailed energy analysis, including calculations and a report inclusive of all equipment data and specification sheets required as part of the application packet submitted to the incentive provider. We present potential energy efficiency measures (EEMs) to the store or building owner for approval and acceptance while providing assistance and coordination services to facilitate the implementation of these EEMs into designs and successful acceptance of the application by the incentive provider. To ensure all conditions are met to satisfy the incentive application agreement, we identify existing conditions that possibly affect the energy study and assist the incentive provider in the verification of measure, installation, and operation while providing all necessary documentation.

Our team has extensive experience working with electric and gas utilities across the country. You can have confidence that R3 Retail Development incentive estimates are accurate and that we’ve maximized your financial returns by evaluating both simple, prescriptive and more complex, custom energy efficiency measures (EEMs).

R3 Grade Energy Rebates and Incentives Procurement

Don't miss out on free money by avoiding the difficult tasks required in satisfying energy rebates and incentives program applications. We ensure you never neglect these valuable opportunities as part of our regular project duties.