Light Industrial

Have you uncovered the energy savings opportunities at your light industrial facility?

There are countless, straightforward energy savings opportunities for light industrial facilities with realistic payback timelines that simply make undeniable economic sense.
Industrial Market Sector

The systems, processes and equipment placed in service within the various settings of each industrial sector differ dramatically. This creates complexities in operations management, facility maintenance and energy management practices, but also carries immense opportunity. To unlock the hidden value within your light industrial setting, partner with experts who have exposure to many different scenarios so that they can apply these insights in ways that improve your overall operation for the long haul.

With more than 85 years collective experience in the field, the experts of R3 Retail Development have the skills, experience and vision to take an inclusive, system-based approach when supporting each client and project encountered, forming strategic improvement recommendations in the best way possible.


Is your warehouse properly designed so that it best accommodates the unique service requirements of your business as well as the products and goods that are being stored and handled?

From the outside, the needs of a warehouse may seem pretty simple. It’s a big, expansive structure that is used to store goods and materials for any period of time, so how complex can space planning, operational practices, lighting and energy efficiency tasks really be? The answer may surprise you.

Today’s technology-enabled climate controlled warehouse must be specifically designed to meet the unique needs of not only the products and goods that are being stored within, but also the temperature and humidity needs of the environment, handling equipment needs, receiving and shipping operation needs, trucking requirements, and of course the productivity and safety needs of the operating personnel. Is your warehouse currently configured to efficiently ensure your success, or does it feel like an overlooked risk to the business? The answers to these questions may not come easy at first.

Relax, you’re not alone. The efficiency-minded construction project management professionals of R3 Retail Development are experts in warehouse improvement, ready to help by offering strategic guidance along with expert services delivery to ensure your warehouse is properly positioned to ensure the success of your greater enterprise.

Cold Storage

Did you know the costs of energy consumption for cold storage warehouses is the second-highest operating expense next to labor?

Expansive refrigeration systems, immense lighting equipment, lengthy operating hours, automated doors, ventilation systems, charging stations, heating and even traditional office use each contribute to the extremely large energy footprint associated with cold storage warehouses.

If you don’t take a proactive approach to energy efficiency, your monthly utility bills can get out of hand in a hurry.

The energy efficiency experts at R3 Retail Development are ready to help you solve for this and sweeten your bottom-line by unlocking impactful cost savings on a realistic timeline that will undoubtedly provide enormous value to your cold storage operation. Don’t wait for another month to pass by and a new utility bill to arrive on your desk. Let’s get started today.

Food Processing and Distribution

How can you take steps to decrease your energy footprint, improve operations and proactively plan for the future without placing current production levels at risk?

It’s no secret that the production and quality demands facing food processors often create very complex facilities with a massive energy footprint, and improvement measures are on the mind of most, if not all owners and operators of these settings. With terms like lean initiatives, 5S, Six Sigma, Kaizen, value stream mapping, Poka-Yoke and OEE metrics, how can you know for certain what the critical path toward improvement is right for your unique facility?

Put the experience of R3 Retail Development to work for your food processing facility, that’s how. We are experts in energy efficiency, but dig much deeper to champion the importance of maintaining the highest levels of production efficiency and quality assurances for each food processing improvement challenge we take on before, during, and after our work is complete.

Breweries and Wineries

Are you ready to lower costs, improve product quality and further your sustainability practices to differentiate your brand from the competition?

We have helped brewery and winery customers. identify countless opportunities to reduce energy use, lower operational costs and improve overall product quality by providing system-based improvement recommendations.

With consumer preferences and awareness at an all-time high, tackling these improvement measures has never mattered more. Don’t stand on the sidelines while your competition beats you to the punch. Contact the brewery and winery improvement experts at R3 Retail Development to get started today.

R3 Grade Light Industrial Efficiency Improvements

The chance to enhance your bottom-line through efficiency improvement measures of many types is right there for the taking. The only question is, what are you waiting for?