Building Controls


Building controls are the lifeblood of modern energy management systems providing valuable data, alerts, and opportunities to calibrate and automate management tasks.
Effective Building Control Strategy

Powerful results through building automation

Building controls, and the many benefits they enable through efficiency-minded automation can often reduce energy, operational and maintenance costs by 30% or more while also drastically improving occupant comfort and productivity levels.

Energy management systems (EMS) and building controls together unlock tremendous costs savings and productivity bonuses for all types of commercial buildings and industrial facilities. EMS offers visibility into your operations with data from intelligent, technology-enabled building controls. Through strategically designed Energy Management Systems you have the power to predict maintenance needs before costly equipment failures. What does it all mean? A much sweeter bottom line.

The best energy management solutions are flexible and forward-thinking to scale with the demands and unpredictable nature of business realities. Don’t leave these items to chance by making assumptions. Contact the EMS experts of R3 Retail Development and start making informed energy efficiency decisions.

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R3 Grade Building Controls and Automation

Intelligent building controls give more value than energy efficiency gains alone. Leverage the R3 Retail Development expertise to align the right technology and innovative solutions making your facility more productive, comfortable and sustainable today.