New Site & Retrofit EMS

Do you receive EMS upgrade proposals that only address a portion of your energy management needs?

We see this problem often in the field, the silo effect created by many service providers. Don't be fooled by low cost proposals that only address a single aspect.
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EMS Implementation Experts

Over the past 3 years alone, R3 Retail Development has completed more than 500 EMS implementations, nation-wide.

All too often, facility managers work with service providers to upgrade or retrofit their operation to improve overall performance and reduce energy costs. The proposal price looks good and the improvement recommendations make sense, so what is the problem?

The problem is the silo effect. You can add controls and management capabilities for the HVAC system, but that doesn’t address lighting or refrigeration. Designing and implementing an integrated energy management system that is truly effective in the ways you need it to be requires full transparency and knowledge of all existing mechanical and electrical systems. Don’t be fooled by the low cost proposals that only address a single aspect.

Retrofit Energy Management Services

A Systems-Based Approach

When it comes to retrofits, our team takes all units and systems into consideration before designing a system. We typically start with a site survey completed in real-time using our web browser-based system.

With an in-depth look at existing systems and controls, we gain a full picture of the current state. From this detailed information, we determine exactly what is needed to cover the scope of the project as well as make recommendations for other controls and systems as needed. Often times, these recommendations are based on ‘low-hanging fruit’ opportunities, meaning they are readily accessible and we can add other controls to the energy management system during the initial install usually for a fraction of the cost to come back and add the same components later.

For multi-store projects, our methodology includes creating a prototype system design for the enterprise. In retrofits, we model the system going into the existing location as close to the new store prototype as possible. Each location will vary to some extent,and by using the prototype as a foundation we strive to create systems that deliver consistency and a certain degree of standardization.


Our energy management services do not stop with design, supplying equipment, installation, testing and startup. We can also put training in place for your store level employees. We offer training for the store level user interface. We can provide store specific system documentation, such as asset mapping. We review settings and functionality with store level staff and help trouble shoot any issues.

Energy Management Services for New Stores

The Value of Prototype Design

Using the established prototype we design the Energy Management System to encompass the established parameters with as few variations as possible. We coordinate with the architects, engineers, directors of construction, and general contractor to ensure that our design fully encompasses all systems and processes within the site. We can supply and install any of the controls equipment needed as well as work with controls that come preinstalled on your equipment.

Construction Project Management Experts

We have years of experience in construction project management which serves us well in ensuring that the EMS portion goes off without a hitch. Typically we make three site visits after the initial equipment is installed to do on-site programming, install any additional boards or controls, and do functional testing of the system.

We can track all tests and sign offs in our web browser-based system in real-time and notify the appropriate party of any found issues, as well as track the resolutions.


Scrap the silo effect and think of your facility as a collective system to maximize efficiency gains as well as overall returns on your investments.