Are you having trouble finding a grocery industry specialist to take your store to the next level?

With competition at a fever pitch, it is vital to stay ahead of the game by eliminating guesswork and only trusting experts with direct industry experience.
Fixture Planning for Supermarket

With size variations, a wide range of goods and services combined with the perpetual need to compete for brand recognition, Supermarkets have design, space planning, energy management and equipment related needs unlike any other retail establishment.

The efficiency of sophisticated grocery specific systems directly correlates with your costs, profitability and the overall health of your organization. To find innovative ways to reduce costs, increase efficiencies and attract today’s technology enabled consumers, it is essential to partner with industry experts in this area.

Specialty Grocers

Have you ever felt like the people you talk with to improve your store struggle to understand the unique needs of smaller footprint Specialty Grocers?

Working with Specialty Grocers has been a cornerstone of our business for years, and we take great pride in understanding the unique requirements of your equipment, merchandising and energy management needs.

Because of our direct experience working with Specialty Grocers, R3 Retail Development is equipped to manage your construction projects, develop system prototypes for future locations and implement an energy management program designed specifically to your needs.

You can trust that we understand your needs as a Specialty Grocer, and we’ll work hard as your partner to achieve optimum efficiency and profit-driven results.

Convenience Marts

How do you reduce your energy costs running a 24×7 Convenience Mart operation?

If you are the owner of an ‘always-open’ Convenience Mart, it is highly likely that one of your highest expenses is annual energy spend. With rising energy costs, how can you minimize risk to protect the vitality of your store?

The answer is proactive energy management.

Proactive measures must be taken to mitigate energy costs while protecting your profit margins. Adopting a technology-based energy management system is key to the success of an effective energy saving strategy, regardless if you are operating a corporate or an owner-driven store.

R3 Retail Development provides turnkey design strategy, including equipment procurement and controls installation to help you achieve those goals. We will work tirelessly with you to manage your energy program while addressing proactive, reactive and preventative maintenance plans. We also help identify and develop employee best practices, and create system set point strategy designed to improve the efficiency of your operation.

Produce Markets

In the world of produce, freshness matters most. Do you understand how your refrigeration cases should work to keep your product looking, smelling, tasting, and selling at their very best?

Produce markets are unlike other grocery stores, as the term ‘produce’ itself generally implies farm fresh products with the goods often being grown in the state in which they are sold. Produce Markets require varying levels of humidity and temperature controls for a wide range of fresh foods in order to maintain and extend quality, freshness, and saleability.

Just as important as managing coolers, to effectively implement your merchandising strategy and make your product ‘pop’ you need specialty lighting and purposeful displays.

Likewise, maybe you are expanding and plan to add a new location. Do you really have time to run a full-blown construction project while you deal with everyday business needs?

R3 Retail Development is ready to take this stress from your plate, ensuring your new site is perfectly configured to accommodate your unique needs and design specifications, freeing you to do what you do best – run your produce market business.

Conventional Grocers

How do you bring a sense of personality to your conventional store and reduce costs? Feeling challenged in deciding how to maximize your merchandising potential with limited space and a limited budget?

Trust the experts at R3 Retail Development to help you identify the departments or offerings to prioritize as the critical foundation of your business. With this new information and alignment achieved, we’ll then be able to create an entirely new store space design strategy, aesthetic and environment ranging from a complete remodel to a minor refresh of your look, all with a goal of maximizing profits and enhancing the reputation of your brand.

The consistent goal is to increase sales while reducing expenses.

You don’t have to do a complete remodel to get to this. We will examine the lowest producing departments and figure out a merchandising strategy that fits within your budget. We look at your highest expenses and make recommendations to assist you in implementing strategies to reduce costs.

In short, we leave no stone unturned, inspecting everything from energy and equipment efficiency, to costs of floor maintenance, repair and replacement. Over the years we have found that one of the highest expenses for Conventional Grocers is flooring. Before you contact the local flooring contractor, let us help you determine which flooring will hold up to grocery traffic volume, has the longest life cycle, and determine which is most cost effective over time to keep in service at your store.

There are so many options out there. Trust the experts at R3 Retail Development to help you determine the critical path to achieving the best option for your unique operation.


How do you shift business offerings to better align with technology-driven behavioral changes exhibited by the consumers today?

If you are the owner of a grocery Supercenter, you don’t need to see the data to realize the decline of consumer shopping in brick and mortar stores is very real and represents a real threat. Most likely, you see it and feel it each day and have been noticing this trend over time.

If you are seeking ways to increase and maintain current sales and margins, or if you are considering ways to repurpose existing excess square footage in your grocery Supercenter, consider adding the talent and experience of R3 Retail Development to your arsenal. As your long-term strategic partner, we work with you to evaluate various departments, business and product offerings, store space layout, consumer attraction values while developing consumer-driven strategies to help you grow with the market, and the realities of the technology-enabled consumer evolution.


With more than 85 years collective experience focusing on supermarkets and grocers of various sizes and formats, we have the expertise to deliver the goods.