Commercial Properties

Have you ever wondered if your construction project team talks to each other?

Sure they do, but do they speak the same language? Maybe not.
Office Building Controls

Let’s face it, in life and business we all have different ways of communicating. Marketers, engineers, manufacturers and construction professionals all have their own languages, and each is important and necessary. However, translating these messages between teams can be a real challenge, and the worst thing about it is the hidden costs involved.

Losing important details between project personnel and groups is a major source of increased project costs presenting as rework, change orders, delays and missed deadlines.

With our many years of experience working directly with commercial properties, R3 Retail Development is able to skillfully manage these projects, translating communication between teams to ensure major details remain highly visible while delivering your project on time and within budget.

Retail Stores

How do you enhance the consumer experience in a retail store without breaking the bank?

One of the biggest challenges facing retailers today is how to control costs while still improving and evolving to keep pace in an economy where consumer shopping habits have changed profoundly. You see it in the news on a weekly, or even daily basis – major retail chains are forced to layoff enormous amounts of employees, closing stores, or shuddering the operation entirely as a result of declining sales due to increased online shopping and heavy pricing competition. Retail market advisers consistently stress the importance of prioritizing and connecting the consumer shopping experience when online shoppers visit physical stores.

Still, what about the retailers who aren’t the same as those big box stores? How can you still find ways to enhance the consumer experience and mitigate risks associated with the technology-driven market evolution we face today?

Surprisingly, the answer is simple: start with the basics and the rest will follow. There are many incremental changes a retailer can make to attract consumers into the physical store, while also creating a world-class consumer experience, without breaking the bank. Often, the biggest obstacle is figuring out how and where to start.

R3 Retail Development is comprised of a team of experts with immense experience ready to become your in-house project and change managers. We bring our many years of experience and knowledge as a direct value-add to your enterprise, helping you to first evaluate the status of your operation and then create a strategic plan that will move you towards achieving overarching business goals while staying within budget. Our talented design team understands that a cost-prohibitive design is one that misses the mark entirely, and we make a point to create the “wow factor” without the hefty price tag.

Financial Institutions

How long has it been since your bank considered new ways to improve the consumer experience in your branch? Where do you go for emergency repairs? Have you created an energy efficiency program?

It’s a simple fact, today’s technology-enabled consumers expect more from every shopping experience, including the financial institutions and bank branches they choose to visit. Bank branches featuring a modern design aesthetic, welcoming entryways with more open space, interactive kiosks, touchscreens, advanced lighting, building controls and more are no longer considered ‘fringe’ amenities, they’re expected and necessary if your intention is to differentiate your brand among the many financial institutions available to consumers. And if you fail to establish a proactive energy management strategy along the way, costs can get out of hand in a hurry.

When it comes to Financial Institution retail design strategy, energy efficiency strategies, or even an emergency repair, R3 Retail Development has the skills and experience to assist you from concept-to-completion. We specialize in retail space planning, fixture and lighting design and procurement, building controls and more. Let’s get started improving your financial institution today.


Is your office building meeting your organizational needs as well as securing a stronger bottom-line for the enterprise through effective energy efficiency practices?

Ask yourself this quick question: how many times has your organization experienced fluctuations in the number of staff? Similar to the rhythm of ocean tides, most businesses will undoubtedly experience periods of growth and downsizing. Depending on your unique scenario, perhaps it is time to consider a refresh of your office space.

Our experts are ready to augment your team by managing the entirety of any remodel or new construction project for your office space. Additionally, we assist with planning utilizations efficiency and traffic flow improvements for common spaces. We can also update your lighting design, procure and install fixtures, add HVAC and building controls, so you can keep doing what you do best – run your business.

R3 Retail Development will work with you to determine the best ways to maximize your office building by creating a space utilization plan that accounts for your current needs while also preparing the enterprise for future growth. Don’t put yourself and the enterprise at risk by approaching office planning in a reactive fashion. Contact us today and let’s begin to proactively solve for these impending changes your organization will face in the near future.


Is your restaurant making front page news for the right reasons?

When a restaurant is in the news, it should be for positive reasons like a grand opening, an excellent menu, the inviting ambiance, or a groundbreaking remodel. However, some restaurant establishments may experience the devastation of bad publicity surrounding their dated design aesthetic, improper lighting, or even worse – food that has made their customers sick. Sometimes, the damage is irrecoverable putting the entire business at risk.

At R3 Retail Development, we specialize in all areas of world-class restaurant design and improvement including equipment specification and procurement. We have experience creating highly productive kitchen layouts to maximize the value and effectiveness of your staff as well as custom lighting, dining room designs and programmable building controls to create a desirable mood and ambiance to keep customers happy, engaged, and coming back for more.

Perhaps more importantly, we are experts in establishing successful food safety monitoring systems with controls to ensure food is always kept at the right temperature to prolong shelf life and reduce harmful bacteria that can devastate the brand reputation of any restaurant overnight. If you have not already taken these measures to protect the vitality of your restaurant as well as the health of your customers, don’t wait. Contact us today.


With the expansive needs of commercial properties, it's often more about who you know to ensure you fully understand what resources and options are available to you before risking any costly decisions.