Design Services

Is your design capability maximizing returns or jeopardizing your project?

We can help you get started as a strategic partner in many areas of design, eliminating guesswork to ensure return on your large project investments.
Command your Energy Spend

Design Strategy is Essential

With enormous amounts of project capital, brand reputations and often drastically underestimated total realized costs hanging in the balance, proper investment in design strategy has never mattered more.

It’s no joke, design decisions alone can make or break an entire project – or business.

As a neutral party, we will review your needs, budget, and desired end results to create a custom design for your total system.

R3 Grade Design means solid design practice that is cost effective in implementation, but with a flair. We don’t intend to be the most expensive choice and we’re not the budget option – we’re the preferred advantage. What we bring to the table is solid, time-tested, proven design strategy that will fit within your budget and enhance your overall offering.

Energy Management System (EMS) Design

Are you controlling your energy management system, or is it controlling you?

An energy management system (EMS) is a fundamental element in the design of an efficient, sustainable, value-adding building. By considering energy management in the design phase for any facility, organizations can count on many benefits including drastic reduction in unnecessary energy consumption, especially during off-hours and low or non-occupancy periods. High performance energy management strategy also includes considerations for especially demanding seasonal periods, and the prioritization of lighting, heating, cooling and building automation systems. To get started, let the energy management system design experts of R3 Retail Development work with you to identify the energy savings opportunities waiting for discovery at your building or multi-site enterprise.

We will work with you to establish an energy management system design prototype to target all locations. Our initial design process begins by working with your design team to select the proper equipment and control features to be implemented. We’ll also review all architectural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and refrigeration plans to design a fully integrated system controlling equipment efficiency and optimizing energy consumption.

An expert level energy management system will be designed to operate the building with minimal user involvement, and will proactively identify maintenance tasks needed before they become costly repairs, but we don’t stop there.

Our skilled experts will also prepare an overall controls system design and construction documents including specification of an EMS Control Panel (ECP), Refrigeration Alarm Panel (RAP), Lighting Control Panel (LCP) and HVAC Controls. We’ll coordinate with your Architect, MEP Engineers, and General Contractor to meet controls objectives.

We can supply and install any of the controls equipment needed as well as work with controls that come preinstalled on your equipment. We never stop short, always providing final programming, system commissioning and system training for the building Owner and operating personnel.

Don’t wait until after your building construction project to consider implementing the cost-saving benefits of an effective energy management system. Contact the energy efficiency experts of R3 Retail Development today.

Lighting Design

True story: We originally involved ourselves in lighting design because we could not find a design team capable of creating a quality design on time and within budget.

We recognize you have a vision and purpose in mind for your store or facility. By collaborating with our talented team, we are able to align your vision with the right lighting technologies to create sustainable, innovative solutions with powerful results. Together, our goal will always be to discover ways to enhance the human experience within your space by harnessing modern innovations in lighting design strategy.

Our lighting design services include, but are not limited to:

  • Preparing the overall lighting design for store sales area, prep areas, back of house as well as restrooms
  • Create schematic design and drawings
  • Specification, selection and procurement of fixtures
  • Creation of the fixture schedule
  • Complete fixture package pricing
  • Preparation of the light fixture submittal binder with specification sheets
  • Preparation of construction documents
  • Organizing electrical contractor data.
  • Coordination of delivery with distributors for eventual installation by the electrical contractor

Refrigeration Design

Refrigeration System Schematic – Building Controls

Are you confident that you are getting a non-biased refrigeration system design, or is your equipment supplier also providing your design and shop drawings?

In most situations, buyers purchase their equipment and design directly from the equipment manufacturer. At the surface, this seems efficient and reasonable, but it often places the buyer at a disadvantage by not having a true advocate.

As a neutral party, we will work with you to uncover the unique refrigeration needs of your operation, considering an appropriate budget as well as your desired end results to create a strategic, custom refrigeration system design that will maximize value for your enterprise. It is because of this non-biased design that you are then able to request quotes from several manufacturers with total confidence.

Rest assured, our service does not stop with a completed design. The refrigeration system design experts of R3 Retail Development will also take the lead in presenting the design and requirements to the engineering and construction team, assuming the responsibility of providing information and clarifications as needed, freeing you to do what you do best – focus on the health of your day-to-day business.

Our refrigeration system design services include, but are not limited to:

  • Preparation of the overall refrigeration system design
  • Creation of the refrigeration schedule and construction documents
  • Liaison duties with the Architect, Engineers, Refrigeration Contractor and other subcontractors
  • Full scope of work creation, including all necessary information related to mechanical systems, refrigerated cases, line sizing and installation requirements allowing everyone involved to generate design work of the highest quality.

Store Space Planning

Your store layout and planning team has the power to make or break your entire operation. To secure the greatest opportunity for project success from the beginning, it is vital to leverage expert level guidance and industry knowledge to properly align big picture business requirements with layout initiatives of all kinds while not losing a single detail.

R3RD retail store space planning services provide the enormous benefit of having the same level of planning and project management for store development that is normally available only to large corporations that carry with them their own dedicated planning and purchasing departments. You’ll also benefit from direct access to our knowledgeable industry professionals in the areas of grocery and retail construction, equipment specification and procurement, operational efficiency, budgeting, retail accounting and purchasing that become part of the project development team to ensure your retail space is a well-equipped, highly functioning environment that is capable of providing the highest possible profit levels to the business.

By leveraging the talents of R3 Retail Development to take a professional approach to planning and project management duties, you’ll enjoy many added benefits including lower overall costs, quicker timelines, and drastically reduced stress in decision making for employees that try their best but are forced to operate outside of their wheelhouse. These efforts are simply are destined to fall short.

Our retail store space planning services include, but are not limited to:

  • Meeting with you to identify your unique marketing strategy, projected sales goals, store format, and more.
  • We use this information to examine the physical building layout (existing or new construction) and begin developing new, strategic store layout options.
  • We help you determine customer flow throughout the space, optimizing for service efficiency, customer experience, and highlighting featured aspects of your business.
  • We remain cognizant of industry changes, consumer shopping trends, and market evolutions.
  • We prepare an overall fixture plan based on approved building background provided by the Architect and Owner.
  • R3 Grade store designs always consider your management objectives on store format, sales goals, labor efficiency, existing building conditions, operational flow, while maximizing space for prep departments and the stockroom.
  • We provide a detailed computer-generated layout plan reflecting fixtures and equipment, with an emphasis on backroom and prep department items.

CAD Drafting and 3D Modeling

We utilize the latest versions of Autocad and Revit to generate your design, or project per your specifications. We can take your sketches and create drawings to architect, engineering, and construction industry formats.

Low Voltage Systems Design

We prepare design and installation drawings for phone, paging, loudspeakers, POS Network and wireless networks in the store. This includes sales area and back room, paging horns in walk-in coolers and freezers, location of computers, data network equipment, security camera locations, monitor station and phone board location. Procure from owner approved qualified vendor, develop and coordinate delivery and installation schedule.

R3 Grade Design Expertise

Planning and design strategy is involved in markets and projects of all types. We're here to help as specialists offering several avenues of design service expertise.