“I don’t normally write letters like this but . . . your [R3 Retail Development’s] efforts and professionalism was extremely helpful and I felt it was important to point out to you some of the specific efforts you provided that were extremely valuable to us.

  • Responsiveness
  • Budget Preparation and Value Engineering
  • Reviewing and Identifying Options
  • Comprehensive Assessment of the Remodel Program
  • Detailed Proposal and Budgeting

. . . Although our efforts for this project were limited I have been in the consulting business for 25+ years and I can quickly identify when I am working with someone that knows what they are doing and someone that cares about their Client and projects.”

Ben F. Williams VII
Alaskan & Proud Markets

“Two years ago, our company ventured down the road of expansion into a new facility to increase our market presence and services to our customers. In our initial meeting with our main wholesaler . . . we were referred to the team of Rick Ferguson and Rick Benzel at R3 Commercial Design Services. Our budget was a serious constraint from the inception of the project, so it was with hesitation that we called upon them to see what services they could offer. It was a call that would perhaps be the most important aspect of the entire project.

Immediately following our initial consultation with R3, plans were developed on a joint basis. Careful to incorporate our unique ideas, the team also ensured that our ideas were feasible, within budget and engineered correctly. Results and products were developed at a faster rate than we could review them and were done so in a clear professional manner. The plans included fixture layout, refrigeration engineering, electrical engineering, lighting schematics, and equipment schedules.

The industry knowledge that Mr. Ferguson and Mr. Benzel possess is unmatched. They were able to lead us to manufacturers that provided us with systems to increase efficiency as well as merchandise product to the utmost extent. . . . In retrospect, it would have been a foolish decision to bypass the use of R3 services in the planning, development and engineering of our new facility. The dollars spent were perhaps the best “value added” dollars we spent on the entire project.”

Jonathan Welsh
Manzanita Fresh Foods

“I am writing this letter of thanks to R3 Retail Development for their valuable services they provided my company in the planning and execution of a retail remodling project I have recently completed.

I was actually introduces to R3’s services by chance. They had entered their services as a prize in a charity fundraising auction in which I ended up winning. Since I was in the early stages of planning my remodel I figured I could use their expertise to help get started. After further inquiry, they were given top recommendation by my wholesalers store development specialist. After meeting with Rick Benzel and Rick Ferguson of R3, I realized what a huge undertaking my remodel was to become, and was glad to hand over the project reigns to them.

R3 came to the table with a wealth of expertise and advice. Because of their retail and specifically grocery store retail background, they really understand what is needed in this environment. They guided me through many of the decisions needed in order to keep the project on track.

I would highly recommend R3 Retail Development to any company big or small wanting to take on a project. Their services helped me continue to focus on my business and not get bogged down with all the extra work that a major remodel requires.”

Richard L. S.
Ocean Park, WA

“We worked with R3 Retail Development during the remodel of our Tacoma store location. During the year that we have been working together, we have consistently received high quality service from Rick Benzel and R3 Retail Development. I would highly recommend R3 as retail design and project management support.

R3 was referred to us by United Lamp Supply via our Maintenance Manager, Tim Beadle. We looked at work they had done with other grocery and natural food stores and were impressed. We consequently hired R3 to support us during our remodel.

I can say without reservation that the support we received far exceeded our expectations. Rick Benzel was an integral part of our team during the project. Rick kept an eye on every aspect of the project – invoices, timeline, design, organization, meetings.

Along with expanded space, we added refrigeration, shelving, cabinets, counters, and displays. Rick was an excellent resource for finding what we needed and at reasonable prices.

We have been completely happy with the service we received from Rick Benzel and R3 Retail Development. Great professionalism from R3 equaled experience, connections, knowledge, and commitment to our project.

Please feel free to call me at any time with questions. Working with R3 Retail Development was a pleasure.”

Lisa Gebhardt
General Manager
Marlene’s Market & Deli