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Today’s buildings employ equipment and operational strategies that provide technology-enabled working environments that are efficient, safe, healthy, aesthetically pleasing, and flexible to adapt to an unknown future. Through integrated design and intelligent equipment implementation, progressive ‘smart’ buildings are able to provide Owners and workers far greater benefits in terms of energy efficiency, environmental impact, workforce productivity and overall satisfaction than previous designs.

The equipment you choose to employ in your building, and the degree to which you are able to achieve operational efficiencies through high performance calibration and operating procedures, holds the key to many of the benefits mentioned above.  We offer insights into some of these equipment items in the image and statements shown below.

Building Controls

Building Controls equipment is the vehicle that provides the ability to have an energy management system. These controls are essentially simple, purposeful computers with input and output capabilities that provide insight and management capability over temperature, humidity, pressure, current flow, air flow, and many other essential factors that play heavily into overall building efficiency. R3 Retail Development is able to supply and install building controls as well as work with existing controls you may have to ensure the highest possible levels of performance. We currently offer a full range of Emerson products, a top choice to create ‘smart’ environments for many types of buildings in almost every industry.

Learn more about building controls, here.

Light Fixtures

R3 Retail Development offers a full line of lighting products including commercial lighting, display lighting, specialty grocery, hospitality/restaurant lighting, industrial and retail lighting. We are partnered with United Lamp Supply, one of the northwest’s leading wholesale lighting suppliers to bring your lighting design to life with fixtures that enhance your operation and that are energy efficient significantly reducing energy costs, often combined with energy rebates and incentives.

In many settings, lighting can account for 40% or more of the overall energy spend for most commercial buildings and industrial facilities. It’s no surprise so many efficiency-related cost savings opportunities exist specifically related to lighting include automated lighting controls systems that can regulate lighting based on time of day, occupancy, or set timers. Lighting controls also allow Owners to take advantage of Demand Response (DR) incentives, automating usage based on time of day to capture incentives from utility providers. In the most progressive facilities, lighting controls based on the fieldbus Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) can provide fully dimmable performance along with self-reporting maintenance features by detecting and sending lamp and ballast failures to maintenance systems and personnel.

LED lighting saves on maintenance and relamp costs, in addition to the energy savings.  This is why the US Department of Energy recommends implementing LED technology.  

  • To read more about the potential energy savings for your commercial setting click here (source: 
  • “Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) evaluated two linear LED lighting retrofits that use the existing lens and fixture. Results showed energy savings between 27-29%, and general occupant satisfaction with light level and quality.” Click here to to view the report from that study (source:

Powered Busway

Powered Busway, also known as Busway Power Distribution, allows for reliable, efficient and adaptable overhead power distribution. These systems are vital for virtually any facility where flexible power distribution is needed, and it is important to ensure you leverage a busway system that uses only the highest quality design materials while offering customizable plug-in unit capabilities to provide the reliability and resilience the unique and evolving power needs of your facility demands. You can’t predict the power demands of the future, but if you select the right Powered Busway you’ll be prepared for whatever it brings your way.

Power Wall Electric Distribution

A power wall electric distribution system is a key element of an electricity supply system that separates a large electrical power feed into smaller, subsidiary circuits. It does this while also providing protective fuses or circuit breakers for each circuit within a common enclosure. Without power, business stops. This is why it is critical to select an intelligent system that offers real-time data into the demands, health and performance of power distribution, along with remote management control capabilities on a circuit-by-circuit basis.

Food Service Equipment

Grocery and food processing systems are energy-hungry necessities that can often make or break profit margins. There are a multitude of equipment options available, along with countless measures of configuration that will determine how well, or poorly these items perform. With our industry expertise and design flair, R3 Retail Development is able to skillfully select the food service equipment that best fits your store or warehouse design functionally, aesthetically, and within a workable budget. We operate independently of any equipment manufacturer, meaning the guidance you’ll receive is always unbiased to prioritize the unique needs of your business at all times. Don’t wait. Put our buying power and industry specific expertise to work for your food service enterprise today.

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