Site Surveys


Our site surveys provide you with a complete understanding of where you are, so you fully recognize where you need to go to achieve your desired results and more.
EMS Site Audit

Results speak louder than words

Before you invest in EMS upgrades of any kind, we recommend you take the necessary steps to document and baseline the energy consumption, systems and controls data for your building or facility using a site survey. This way, when you need to hold change-related decisions accountable, the data will speak for itself.

R3 Retail Development’s systems based project approach encompasses all systems and inter-related components enabling us to design effective EMS systems at the lowest realized cost. Our in-depth site surveys are typically the first step performed in any retrofit project including building commissioning and energy management system (EMS) installations. We perform these surveys using our web browser-based system that is accessible providing real-time information for all parties involved, including full customer access if desired.

You’d be surprised how many ‘experts’ fail to take a system-wide approach when offering change recommendations. We understand the need to identify and document the big picture. With site surveys, we define the current state, identify project goals and offer insights for future consideration. Often, site surveys produce a series of ‘low hanging fruit’ opportunities that offer immediate benefits with surprisingly low effort early in the project.

R3 Grade Site Surveys

Before you begin, know where you stand. Our team of experts regularly perform deep-diving site surveys to fully understand the lay of the land before calling any shots for commissioning and EMS projects. Protect yourself and your investment by demanding nothing less.