R3 Retail Development Team
R3 Retail Development’s team is comprised of a small group of professionals who enjoy working together and with our customers. Our team genuinely cares about our customer’s success and helping businesses improve their profits through strategic energy conservation measures.  R3 Retail Development was recently named a 2018 Top 10 Energy Management Solutions Provider by Energy CIO Insights.   Rick and Suzanne Ferguson As owners of R3 Retail Development, Rick and...
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2018 Top 10 Energy Solutions Provider
We’re over the moon! Last month, a panel of influential CEOs, CIOs, analysts, and a leading publication in the energy industry named R3 Retail Development a Top 10 Energy Management Solutions Provider in the United States in 2018. Changing times warrant innovative solutions Today, cost-effective energy management solutions are at the top of corporate agendas but with a wide range of solutions, it is an uphill task for customers to...
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California Energy Efficiency Rebates
Here is what we found today for California Energy Efficiency rebates and incentives. Incentives and rebates help decrease time to return on investment for Energy Efficiency projects.  Energy Optimization Projects offer long-term benefits for operating and energy spend reductions while increasing energy conservation.  Successful energy management program factors heavily in determining the success – and sustainability of your organization.  There are multiple California energy efficiency rebates and incentive programs available which...
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Energy Tune Up Road Map
An energy tune-up is a fantastic way to bring your systems back into alignment with your Energy Management goals and strategies.  In our previous blog post, Sustainable Energy Efficiency, we talked about several ways the integrity of energy management system degrades over time.  If you implemented your EMS / BMS several years ago, it may be time to think about an energy tune-up. The Goals for an Energy Tune-up Conserve...
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It’s one thing to implement energy efficiency projects but creating a sustainable energy efficiency program is an entirely different matter. Imagine that your organization has a long-standing commitment and strategy in place for energy conservation.  You completed the first group of projects last year.  As you prepare to submit your budget request for next year; you look back at the completed projects’ performance. Shocked by the findings? Has the new...
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