Stacking up Savings with Energy Conservation
At R3 Retail Development, we are always on the lookout for new ways to help customers save on energy costs.  The eTemp product simulator temperature probe offers additional energy savings of an average of 20% for walk-in coolers, freezers, and refrigerated display cases.  The payback time is around 12 months when this probe is applied to 3hp or larger condensing units. Background R3 Retail Development recently completed a short energy...
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North American Sustainable Refrigeration Council
R3 Retail Development joins NASRC as a silver member. The North American Sustainable Refrigeration Council is a non-profit organization who works with commercial refrigeration stakeholders to overcome barriers preventing widespread adoption of natural refrigerants in commercial food retail applications.  R3 Retail Development embraces innovative technologies that benefit long term sustainability for businesses and the health of the planet.  Continue Reading…..
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Energy Codes and Climate Change
Building Control measures account for nearly a third of all energy codes.  And, buildings account for 40% of all energy used in the United States, yet according to the Building Technology Office (BTO), only 43% of commercial floor space utilizes a building control system. (Marina Sofos, 2018)  Even more alarming is that many of the buildings that have building controls lack the proper configuration to fully utilize their systems.  As a...
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R3 Retail Development Team
R3 Retail Development’s team is comprised of a small group of professionals who enjoy working together and with our customers. Our team genuinely cares about our customer’s success and helping businesses improve their profits through strategic energy conservation measures.  R3 Retail Development was recently named a 2018 Top 10 Energy Management Solutions Provider by Energy CIO Insights.   Rick and Suzanne Ferguson As owners of R3 Retail Development, Rick and...
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We’re over the moon! Last month, a panel of influential CEOs, CIOs, analysts, and a leading publication in the energy industry named R3 Retail Development a Top 10 Energy Management Solutions Provider in the United States in 2018. Changing times warrant innovative solutions Today, cost-effective energy management solutions are at the top of corporate agendas but with a wide range of solutions, it is an uphill task for customers to...
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