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Washington State Commercial Energy Efficiency Incentives and Rebates

Energy Optimization Projects offer long-term benefits for reduced operating and energy spend along with increased energy conservation.  Energy management is an important factor in determining the success – and sustainability of your organization.  There are multiple incentive/rebate programs available which help decrease the costs for energy efficient equipment and implementing energy efficiency strategies.  These incentive and rebates help realize your return on investment in less time.

Because there are so many programs out there, we are putting together a state by state resource list identifying some of the available incentive/rebate programs.

Here is what we found today for the state of Washington.

Puget Sound Energy

Puget Sound offers several incentive programs for Businesses.  These incentives are available only to PSE business electric and/or gas customers whose buildings are at least 50,000 square feet and have a minimum of 75% occupancy rate.  There is an additional program for small businesses measuring less than 10,000 square feet.

Comprehensive Building Tune-Up – The building tune-up incentive covers an initial energy assessment and additional incentives if the assessment determines that the building will achieve energy savings through commissioning (tune-up).  The incentive covers a maximum of 75% of the commissioning agent’s fee. This program also offers an additional first-year performance incentive based on the first year’s energy savings.

Industrial System Optimization Program – Similar to the building tune-up incentive this program is for manufacturing or processing locations.  The program may include performance tracking system hardware or software add-ons to track energy use for your industrial equipment or subsystems, that do not currently have energy tracking installed.

Commercial Strategic Energy Management – This program helps reduce energy spend through the implementation of energy efficient operations and maintenance improvements.  The incentive if the program requirements are completed within the first year is a $10,000 start-up incentive. The incentive continues annually based on performance.

Retrofit Grants – PSE offers retrofit grants including grants for Lighting, Non-Lighting Retrofit grants receive incentives up to $.30 per kWh, Advanced Rooftop Controls, and HVAC Controls.

New Construction Grants – Several incentives for new construction implementing energy efficient equipment and strategies.

Small Business – PSE has several opportunities for smaller businesses including LED lighting, Occupancy Sensors, Refrigeration, Water savers and HVAC.  These incentives are for business locations less than 10,000 square feet.

Pacific Power

Pacific Power offers incentives through the wattsmart Energy Efficiency ProgramIncentives are available for multiple energy efficient measures, including Lighting, Lighting Controls, Evaporative cooling, Rooftop controls, VFDs, Building Envelope, among others.

Energy Management – Incentives for energy management include up to $.02 per kWh for verified energy savings.  This program requires an additional application to the WattSmart business program.

Clark Public Utilities

Clark Public Utilities offers several incentive programs to further energy savings and conservation.

CLIP – Is Clark Public Utilities commercial and industrial lighting incentive program offers cash incentives for energy efficient lighting upgrades.  The incentive is capped at either 50% of the project cost or the deemed total of the BPA per unit.  There are several project requirements.

Custom Projects – Custom projects include replacement or installation of new energy efficiency equipment or technology that exceed current code requirements.  Examples of upgrades include compress air, refrigeration or general process systems.

Energy Smart Grocer – This program provides free energy audits and information about grocer specific technologies, processes and management strategies.  Incentives are provided through EnergySmart.

Benton PUD

Benton PUD offers businesses rebates and incentives through several programs for HVAC, Lighting, Refrigeration, agricultural and industrial.

CEEP – Benton PUD’s Commercial Energy Efficiency Program, includes energy optimization projects such as compressed air, variable frequency drives, industrial lighting, HVAC systems, and refrigeration.

Tacoma Power

Tacoma Power offers multiple rebate/incentive programs to help reduce energy costs thereby maximizing your profit.  Incentive/rebate programs include Advanced Rooftop Unit Control, Lighting updates, commercial kitchen equipment, HVAC, compressed air systems, custom retrofits.

Engineering Energy Studies may be funded up to 50% of the cost to analyze potential energy saving projects and quantify costs.  Incentives are also available for Industrial refrigeration measures including compressors, controls, and efficient evaporators and condensers.

Lewis County

Lewis County offers businesses loans for energy efficiency projects through their LEEP program, Loans for Energy Efficiency Programs, up to $15,000 with fixed low-interest rates and a repayment term of up to 5 years.

Lewis County also offers rebates and incentives to commercial and industrial sectors for Lighting upgrades and controls, heat pumps, weatherization, and commercial kitchens.

Seattle City Light

Seattle City Light rebates may cover up to 70% of energy efficiency project costs for Commercial, Industrial, Small Business, Grocery, Lighting and Lighting controls.

Cowlitz County PUD

Cowlitz PUD energy efficiency program offers rebates for new construction light and lighting retrofits, advanced rooftop controls, ductless heat pumps, and custom projects.

Custom Project incentives are provided to commercial customers for developing and installing non-lighting energy efficiency measures in their facilities.  The rebate covers the lesser of either a rebate up to $.20 per kWh of verified annual energy savings or 70% of incremental project costs.

Snohomish PUD

Snohomish PUD has 6 incentive programs to help offset the cost for commercial properties looking to increase their energy efficiency.  A few of their programs are as follows:

Building Efficiency – provides incentives for $.10 to $.25 per kWh for energy saving replace or upgrade of equipment, including Building Control Systems, Pumps and Fans, Variable Speed Drive and Variable Frequency Drives, Chillers, Cooling Towers & Process Cooling, and HVAC.

Rebates – rebates for a variety of equipment installations including Variable Refrigerant Flow, Refrigeration Equipment, Variable Speed Drives.  Rebates available for Floating Head Pressure Control (see Fundamental Energy Management Strategies for Refrigeration Systems).

Peninsula Light Co.

Peninsula Light Co offers incentives for updating lighting to energy-saving LED lights, as well as other increased rebate value when adding in other energy-saving initiatives such as HVAC and refrigeration upgrades.

Grays Harbor PUD

GHPUD offers qualified business customers incentives for upgrading lighting to new technology, HVAC efficiency projects including Advanced Rooftop Controls and Refrigeration efficiency projects among others.

Refrigeration incentives are available for Anti-Sweat Heater Controls, Floating Head Pressure Control, Compressor head Cooling Fan, Evaporator Fan Motor on walk-in or display cases, and strip curtains for Walk-In Coolers and Freezers.

Energy Star

The US Energy Star program provides a directory of energy efficiency programs.  Energy Star also has several resources and links available online for small businesses.  Here are a few you may find useful.

The success and sustainability of your organization are determined by the Energy Managment of your organization. Multiple incentive and rebate programs like these are available and can assist in lowering the cost of energy efficient equipment and aid in implementing strategies for energy efficiency.  These incentives and rebates help increase your return on investment.

Written by Suzanne Ferguson, MBA, SSGB | LinkedIn

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