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R3 Retail Development’s team is comprised of a small group of professionals who enjoy working together and with our customers. Our team genuinely cares about our customer’s success and helping businesses improve their profits through strategic energy conservation measures.  R3 Retail Development was recently named a 2018 Top 10 Energy Management Solutions Provider by Energy CIO Insights.


Rick and Suzanne FergusonRick and Suzanne Ferguson

As owners of R3 Retail Development, Rick and Suzanne enjoy working together and wouldn’t have it any other way. Rick founded R3 Retail Development in 2003 and Suzanne left a long-standing print industry career to join R3 in 2015.

Rick is a mechanical engineer, graduating from the University of Portland, with over 30 years’ experience in the industry. He began his career straight out of college on the customer side of the fence working for a supermarket chain. Rick explains, “I built the business around servicing needs not met when working with large organizations.” Rick’s parents instilled in him the value of always giving the customer more value than you charge for – a value that permeates R3’s core values.

Suzanne has a Master of Business degree from Willamette University and heads up finance, marketing, and operations. She brings a mindset of continuous improvement to the company and was instrumental in developing the company’s nR3g app.  Nr3g is a collaboration tool for R3 staff, customers and partner vendors. “nR3g was designed in response to our customers’ need for transparency, effective communication, audit trail, and automated reporting,” explains Suzanne.

Rick enjoys golfing, going to Portland Timber games and tinkering with new technology gadgets. Suzanne enjoys gardening, camping, and painting. Rick and Suzanne have four grandchildren that they love spending time with and three fur babies, Coby, Indy, and Max. They enjoy traveling together and spending quality time making memories with family.

Nick Jarrell, Technical Development ManagerNick Jarrell, Technical Development Manager

Nick Jarrell is R3’s Technical Development Manager. He and his wife moved to the Pacific NW a few years ago and have made Camas-Washougal their new home. Nick has a degree in business and a master’s degree in Adult Education from Troy State University. He spends a great deal of his time training partner vendors and providing technical support to field techs. He also manages a portfolio of building controls related projects and fields the majority of R3’s service work orders.

Nick is active in the local community serving on a local education board and participating in the Chamber of Commerce meetings and activities. He has two daughters who are active in dance and performing arts and spends a lot of time supporting, transporting and attending their various events. Nick enjoys golfing, gardening and spending time with his family. As an Alabama transplant to Washington state, he is always on the look-out for the latest southern food restaurant and anywhere that he can find Sweet Tea.

Eric Mullendore, Design & Implementation SpecialistEric Mullendore, Design & Implementation Specialist

Eric Mullendore, Design & Implementation Specialist for R3 Retail Development, joined the R3 team in 2017. He has extensive experience working with a range of energy efficiency projects, taking the lead on developing savings estimates, financial metrics, code compliance, measure & verification, rebate procurement and providing training on new technologies. Eric holds Certified Energy Manager (CEM) and Lighting Certified (LC) accreditations. His focus at R3 is on new construction projects where he manages the design, take-off, and critical project deliverables. He also manages the EMS equipment start-up, programming, and functional testing process. Eric holds a BA degree in International Studies and German from the University of Oregon.

Residing in Portland, Oregon with his wife and two daughters, Eric enjoys hiking and the great outdoors with his family. Eric also enjoys traveling throughout the US and abroad. He’s passionate about helping Portland community members who are struggling to make ends meet and has volunteered with Community Energy Project, Transition Projects and the Oregon Food Bank.

Christian Alexander, Optimization Project ManagerChristian Alexander, Optimization Project Manager

Christian Alexander, Optimization Project Manager, joined R3 in 2017. He is in progress of completing his degree in Mechanical Engineering from Washington State University and works full-time with R3 Retail Development. He tackled over 60 retrofit projects in his first year with R3 and brings excellent attention to detail in the design and management of retrofit roll-outs. Never afraid to tackle new things, Christian has progressed to also manage some new construction energy management projects, hands-on programming and provides technical support to field techs.

Christian lives in Vancouver Washington with his wife. As newly-weds, these two have the energy and “go-get-’em attitude” classic to bright young people. He enjoys living a sustainable food lifestyle through gardening, preserving, and raising chickens and has delighted the office at company potlucks with his array of home-preserved pickles and jams. Christian has rescued a dog and cat from the local humane society to provide a loving home and a permanent place in the family. Having grown up in Spokane, Washington Christian enjoys traveling to spend time with his family there whenever possible.

Marley Shoffeitt, Project CoordinatorMarley Shoffeitt, Project Coordinator

Marley Shoffeitt is R3’s project coordinator and A/P Specialist. She handles support functions for the project managers including the issuance of purchase orders, sales orders and customer invoices. Marley also manages a portfolio of special projects for add-on equipment or services. She is instrumental in her role making sure that the R3 team doesn’t miss a beat. She tackles extra projects, like organizing the company summer picnic, holiday party, photo shoots and even helps with the company’s marketing efforts.

Residing in Camas Washington, Marley spends her time shuttling her two children back and forth to various activities. She enjoys going to the gym, to the movies and spending time with her family. Even though she hails from the southern US, her southern drawl has all but disappeared, but don’t be surprised if you catch a “ya’ll” on occasion.

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