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Regardless of how well we plan the overall project, gather site specific information or how good our methodology is for handling variables, the key ingredient to success remains Communication and Transparency.

At R3RD we believe that you should be informed every step of the way throughout the course of the project. However, when we are talking about a multi-location roll out project – that is a lot of steps. Maybe you are thinking you would have to increase the size of your in-box just to receive that many communications and hire additional staff to read them.

We get it. We don’t like our in-boxes being filled with constant email updates – but at the same time we need to know what is going on. Enter stage right – EMS Project Portfolio.

In conjunction with Microsoft partner, Confluent, we developed R3RD Project Portfolio, a power app to manage our projects, document project progress and automate key communications. Project data is stored on a secure server and backed up daily. Our internal team, partner vendors and customers have online access to their group of projects.

As the customer you have on-demand access to your entire group of projects. How many and which projects are in the design phase? Which projects have equipment in transit? Which locations are in the install or programming phase? Are there any issues?

Project Portfolio was designed specifically for tracking EMS roll-out type projects as well as one-off projects. Many project management platforms build walls between the projects – so the data available is for a single project. With roll-out projects to hundreds of locations walls between projects creates a barrier to knowing where you stand overall for your roll-out as a collective group. As the name suggests Project Portfolio is a portfolio of multiple projects. You can drill into a single project or get information across all projects.

Project Portfolio creates the roadmap for each site-specific project as discussed in the previous standardizing the variables segment and gives you a step by step recap of the route taken. Financial documents are available to users based on security settings. Tasks and Issues are assigned and managed. Key milestones trigger automated email notifications to designated EMS team members.

We understand communication and transparency. We also understand wanting the information you need when you want it – on your own terms. That is why we developed Project Portfolio and have made communication and transparency a key factor in how we do business.

By Suzanne Ferguson

About the author

Suzanne Ferguson is a leading program management and process expert with over 20 years’ experience successfully developing and implementing programs and systems across multiple industries. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Eastern Oregon University in Organizational Change and a Masters in Business Administration from Willamette University.