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Organizations take on EMS projects for many different reasons. Maybe you want to reduce your annual energy spend while doing your part to protect our natural resources and environment. Regardless of the reason EMS project initiatives require considerable effort, commitment and financial investment.

We discussed the importance of communication and transparency in managing EMS projects in the previous segment and how R3RD accomplishes both through Project Portfolio. Documentation of your project is just as important as the project’s success.

Your project may be eligible for rebates or incentives through your local utility company or other state or federal programs. Navigating the paperwork required to get the incentives can be a challenge without the proper documentation.

We understand the ins and outs of rebate procurement and overall project documentation. All project deliverables, like the scope of work, the as-is state survey, the shop drawings for the system design are captured and made part of the project’s permanent record in the Project Portfolio app.

Upon completion of the project we provide you with a close-out report that captures all phases of the project with photographs, startup checklists, and system tests. The close-out report also lists all equipment added to the location, includes a current board and point list, updated as-built drawings, and issues incurred and resolved through the project cycle.

We retain this information for all projects completed year to date as well as an archive record for prior projects that you may access through the Project Portfolio app. In addition to the information in Project Portfolio we maintain a drawings library with historical records for all designs and drawings we create, which are available to you upon request.

When we start working on a new EMS project roll-out we will identify the location and asset attributes that you want to track. Maybe you want to track the day each piece of equipment is put into operation or you want to have the serial numbers for certain equipment, we can set up asset tracking parameters based on the information you want for each location that is part of the roll-out project.

In addition to Project Portfolio we can make certain documentation available to you online through our customer portal. We will work with you to define what information is desired and who in your organization should have access to it. Using these guidelines, we create secure log ins for users and grant access to information based on your security settings.

Whether you need documentation for rebates and incentives, historical reference, asset tracking or budget reporting, we go the extra mile to make sure you have the information you need when you need it.

By Suzanne Ferguson

About the author

Suzanne Ferguson is a leading program management and process expert with over 20 years’ experience successfully developing and implementing programs and systems across multiple industries. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Eastern Oregon University in Organizational Change and a Masters in Business Administration from Willamette University.