Retrofit EMS Part 1: Embarking on an EMS Roll-Out Project

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What is a retrofit EMS roll-out project? Typically, we define a roll-out project as a group of individual projects an organization undertakes at multiple locations with the goal of establishing a common standard. Maybe your organization has 700 retail locations across the country and you want to upgrade the lighting system or implement building controls to reduce energy consumption and costs.

Successful execution of that many projects can be mind boggling. How do you get started? How long will it take, what kind of budget do I need? And how many people do I need to hire to make this even happen?

Roll-out initiatives require a different approach than most projects and taken in strategic bite sized chunks will take much of the pressure out of the equation. Taking strategic bite sized chunks is where we come in.

Roll-out projects tend to fail for a couple of reasons – planning paralysis or plummet planning. Planning paralysis sets in when an organization attempts to plan out the project details for each location prior to starting any work. Maybe you think you need to establish the scope of work at each location to figure out resource allocation, time line and budget requirements. If you attempt to tackle your roll-out in this manner you may find yourself in planning paralysis and the project may never get off the ground.

The other extreme, plummet planning, is the exact opposite of planning paralysis. This is where you just dive right in to doing the projects and kind of take a fly by the seat of your pants approach. At some point projects without any planning tend to fail, usually due to lack of adequate resources or budget limitations.

So, let’s talk about the strategic bite sized chunks approach. We start off with goal and strategy development. We will explore low hanging fruit opportunities, the more challenging opportunities and work with you to develop a clear vision and direction for your energy management program.

Next, we collect data about your existing and new construction facilities. With this data and your input, we develop one or more prototype EMS designs. Once the program objectives are clearly defined, we put together a program proposal. We identify the approach, the timing, the resources needed and develop a conservative budget for you to review and approve.

We give you the road map for project execution, staff training and ongoing program management and support. Once the plan is wrapped up in a bow, we roll up our sleeves and make it happen. R3RD will collect and document all site-specific attributes to develop the scope of work needed for each location. We will identify how close we can take an existing site to the desired prototype and which options should be omitted due to poor ROI or other extenuating factors.

We handle the equipment spec and procurement or in some cases we supply the equipment directly. We will manage auxiliary vendors, the installation, startup and testing of the new systems. We develop the program and documentation for end users and staff.

Don’t fall prey to planning paralysis or plummet planning, give R3RD a call today to get started on your EMS roll-out project with methodic and strategic small steps proven for project success.

By Suzanne Ferguson

About the author

Suzanne Ferguson is a leading program management and process expert with over 20 years’ experience successfully developing and implementing programs and systems across multiple industries. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Eastern Oregon University in Organizational Change and a Masters in Business Administration from Willamette University.